To quote VictorFarbau:

The typical SP or MP Mission lasts between 15min and 1h. If you want to see scenic daylight changes during your missions it might happen that you never reach dawn, never get past that midday sun and never see sunset.

It now looks like weather changes you can see in Crysis, Far Cry 2 or Just Cause 2. It is really ashame that they didn't made it as an option in the game.

Kremator: The main problem I find with time shifters is the speed of clouds ! If there was a way to make clouds move at normal speed whilst also shifting time then I'd be overjoyed.

They are still moving with increased speed, but I fine tuned it so they move smoothly. It is crazier to see shadows moving faster, but clouds and weather not, right (IMHO)?
Problem with Hornet's nest were instant jumps and very fast time flow. Now it is increased but fluent, so it is more natural.
What I improved is that speed up is fine tuned and there is periodical synchronization with server, so it ensures stable time flow on all clients. It really looks amazing.

Open init.sqf and zou will see :

//{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} TIME SHIFT {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

//If you don't want to use it put comment marks in front

_null = [30,1,1] execVM "WICT\timeShift.sqf";

#1 --- time delay for synchronization all clients with server
#2 --- how much time passes in the game, in seconds
#3 --- how much time should pass in the game, in minutes

That means, 1 sec = 1 min is equal to 1 day in 24 minutes gameplay.
1 sec = 1.5 min is equal to 1 day in 16 min of gameplay.