In order to make HVT work you need to enable COIN for F2.

Once you are done with all settings, you can make a payment for your fine “mercenaries” and they will get requisition points.

Velocity: As I've mentioned above, the expression "funds" is somehow inappropriate when used in this background. Also words like "money, dollars, ..." don't fit in this kind of scenario and would spoil the immersion of the game.

But now think of games like Company of Heroes or Dawn of War 2 - they use another expression which is, in my opinion, quite convenient: Requisition points. These points are granted to commanders who are successful in fulfilling tasks and can be spent to provide adequate supply on the battlefield. In comparison to other expressions (like "money" or "funds") requisition points would imply that they are used to order units/buildings/support from high command.

LockJaw-65- : I liked the concept of the warfare mode but as I said I did not like it when you killed an enemy and up on the screen it says you just earned so much for killing that man etc. I do think you need some means to improve your army, defenses etc. So I suppose if you look at it like this the more ground you take (just an example) the more resource you have, so the more equipment / weapons become available. If it was based on something like that then it would probably help rather than hinder the immersion.

zapat : money itself has ruined my immersion too, since money has nothing to do with the battle. In a war, you don't buy tanks with $, but you can maybe earn things. Which are not sold to you, but granted. Anyways, you need to keep a kind of score in the game, there has to be a system in the background, but I agree $ and buying isn't the best solution.

So, make a trigger (when someone is killed, some area is conquered or something is destroyed) and make a payment like in the example here.

Now if you played Mercenaries 2 you might want to make some fancy general HVT that you need to eliminate or capture. Make a general and make sure he is the only member of the group and in his init line put this:

this doFSM ["WICT\AI\hvt.fsm", position this, this];

Thanx to Xeno’s surrender script, I modified a little bit, this fellow will raise hands when you point at him and if you are skilled enough to shoot him in the leg and not to kill him, he will stay still, lie down with face on the ground and drop all weapons. Make some guards around defending him.