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another WICT banner also by Katipo66

The easiest settings you’ve ever made – easy installation, implementation and settings – add these scripts, setup and play.

Dynamically created battlefronts – experience battlefronts that are not scripted – they are everywhere. Fight at the frontline, rush with your teammates on enemy bases, defend positions, break the opponent's frontline, or come from behind… Or just do free roam and watch huge battle rages all around you.

Turn-based spawning system brings new strategy dimension to the gameplay. Watch enemies’ movement, but also watch your teammates – you are not alone, use that as an opportunity.

No predefined locations – every inch of the map could be a potential spawning point and, the most important, a battlefield. It’s completely compatible to free roam. Every spawning point is calculated during the gameplay taking into consideration various parameters in order to create battlefronts and objective driven battles.

No predefined pathways – every class has its own FSM script that will evaluate the situation upon spawning and setup waypoints and goals – FSM AI script will find it's own path in order to accomplish this goal.

Safe, hot, tampon and directional zones for a true free roam experience in ArmA.

+ brand new Auto Flag function!!!

13 different classes you can setup and modify for each base. This module is completely open for adding custom teams and squads, vehicles, loadouts… for ArmAII and ArmAII:OA.

It is not all about you – this is a world which will go on with or without you. Both sides will try to break the opponent's frontline in order to capture their base. Both sides will try to capture neutral sectors and turn them into their vantage point. It's war and you are one soldier among hundreds which are eager to achieve victory.

No caching units – still you can deploy particular number of units or just let the script create warfare for you. It’s fully compatible with any mission you've ever created in the editor.

Sandbox story design - enhance your experience with Ultimate spawning - create dynamic branching story with objectives, unlocking new missions as player progress based on his decisions, moves and tactic.

Stable version, tested, without bugs, few lags, mainly designed through FSM, ensures that spawning is accurate all the time.