These guys are also "guilty" for developing WICT and making it better.

These fellows need to be mentioned at the beginning : zapat, Katipo66, Velocity and Kremator -- thank you from the bottom of my heart. We did it.


First of all I really must say thanx to zapat since our collaboration had enormous impact on WICT development.

Thank you [GLT]Myke for your help and always rich answers. You never made yourself misunderstood. You helped me getting on my feet with modules.

TRexian, for discussion about angles, finding safe position (also thanx Muzzleflash) and for JTD direction normalization function. You will find that function in every spawn and every guard and patrol. Salma Hayek came for you in the version v2.2 – so much beauty in this module.

Thanx Binesi and for contribution with patrols and guards scripts.

Thanx also goes to Xeno for fantastic tutorials about FSM, “An Introduction to Finite State Machines in Armed Assault” by Rune of the Sinews of War mod, and whole ArmA community that did researches, discussions and support.

Thanx to Shad0wCatcher's tremendous effort we got templates for WICT.

The last but not the least, fantastic F2 framework that made my day brighter when it comes to MP.


Thank you Katipo66 for support right from the beginning – this is for you – no hard scripting at all and true feeling of connectivity with the gameplay – and you said it is just an ideayour idea came true.

Answering on your questions zapat was really helpful for this manual – lot of things would not exist in WICT if there was no childhood dream of yours. I owe you a lot.


Thank you zapat, Kremator, langgis08, dax01, dhellfox, Velocity and LockJaw-65- for questions, suggestions and testing this module.

Special thanx to Kremator and Telson_VBAU for testing MP versions (my personal MP managers).

Both tyler4171, Richey79 and specially Telson_VBAU for the testing and adaptation for OA. Also Richey79 huge thanx for the first mission with WICT.

Thanx to R.Flagg (long back to 360ISM), Haystack15, Hellfire257, and others for support and testing.

Web design, logo and bannersEdit

Thanx to Katipo66 for marvelous design and Velocity for pointing out the importance of making a community and homepage.


ArmaII Object class library by armatech, ArmA II & OA Classnames by *W0lle*.

The Russian base I used is Russian Army base (FOB) created by edgardeth. The purpose is to show it is possible to mix scripted parts with WICT module, and to show the beauty of edgardeth design.